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Thursday, August 3, 2017

How Can I Be Successful In My Business?

"Success in business requires training and discipline and hard work. But if you're not frightened by these things, the opportunities are just as great today as they ever were."  David Rockefeller

Starting a small business from scratch can be challenging even for experienced owners. Today in Social Media: 14 Things you better love before becoming an entrepreneur, by Shachar Gilad

Shachar, stated that if you're thinking about starting your own company from scratch, you must consider a few things you better love or at least learn to tolerate on a daily basis.

1. Recruiting

Building a team is key to success. Of course, you want to work with rockstars that believe in your vision, are easy to spend long days with, willing to take on risks and work hard for little pay. You are competing with other talented startups and more importantly, with big companies and their large budgets for a scarce resource. Read more...

2. Customer Support

You might be thinking "we'll outsource customer support because as CEO my time is too precious to help customers figure out how to navigate my site or retrieve their password." Think again.

The reason you will do customer support is because you will quickly discover how valuable it is for learning from your customers and their needs and about your product. There is no better way to do that than a real conversation or live chat with someone using your product. "Talk to your customers" is in startup rulebooks 101 for good reason. There's so much value in talking to customers and more importantly, listening to them. Read more...

3. Working long hours

The reality is, you must be prepared to grind five times harder than you ever have while working for someone else. My co-founder and I typically work 80+ hours a week. While we were at 500 Startups surrounded by 27 other companies, we were pleasantly surprised to find this is standard practice in Silicon Valley. The wonderful thing is if you do something you are passionate about, it doesn't feel like work, it feels like an opportunity. It's as if you are on a mission and time just flies. (How true!)

4. Making tough decisions

When was the last time you had to make an important decision? As a founder, you are constantly hitting crossroads, where it's on you to decide which road to take. This happens with product (which features to build and which not) fundraising (if and when and from whom), partnerships, business model types, pricing, which attorney to work with, who to hire and so many more. You must learn to feel comfortable making important decisions. Read more...

5. Risk

If there's one word that defines startups beside 'growth' its uncertainty. You are always at the whims of the market, your users, your runway, investors and your hustle. It's difficult to plan for the future when you don't know if the thing that currently consumes your life will be alive in eight months.

Whether you'll have growth or not next month. If that experiment you're running with the business model will pay off or bite you in the ass. Be prepared to develop thick skin and put on those blinders. Your goal is to stay focused on the mountain-top while getting over the hump right in front of you and being prepared for the one hiding behind it.

6. Learning new things

Learning is one of the most rewarding parts of being an entrepreneur. Statistically, most startups don't succeed. However, what all entrepreneurs 'win' at is a huge new basket of experience and skills. Having to wear many hats - marketing, HR, accounting, pricing, biz dev, pitching, product management and more, forces you to learn a lot in a short amount of time. Read more...

7. Dealing with contracts, legal, accounting

If hearing these words make your eyes roll to the back of your head, you're not alone. Fortunately it's easier than ever to get legal documents drafted and do accounting thanks to sites like UpCounsel, WaveAccounting, inDinero etc. Read more...

8. Adapting

One of the greatest things being an entrepreneur can do for your character is teach you to adapt - to be open to data and feedback. Being stubborn about your vision regardless of new information you learn can be a hindrance to success. You don't want to be a flip flopper, but you do want to be open to adjusting your course. Being nimble is an advantage you have compared to bigger companies. Big ships take longer to change their course. Learning to be wrong will allow you to find your way as a leader and a person.

We have chosen some of the topic that may of interest to our readers, for the complete article on "14 things you better love before becoming an entrepreneur...Click here.

We hope you find this articles useful to you and your business. We will continue to research and put together curated content for our readers. As a reminder join us in our community on Twitter and Google Plus, and please if you would like to be part of our up coming news letter, subscribe by filling out your contact information, and follow this blog. Thank you.

To your success,


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Small Business: Step-by-Step Startup Guide for Women In Business

"As of 2016 it is estimated that there are now 11.3 Million (11,313,900) women owned businesses in United States, employing 9 Million (8,976,100) and generating over $1.6 Trillion ($1,622,763,800,000) in revenue"...learn more...

If you're sitting at your desk dreaming of starting your own business, this post is for you. I'm sure you heard hundreds of reasons not go into's a lot of work, to risky, you might go into debt, it wouldn't work, you're crazy, good luck with that, and the list goes on. You already know that starting your business is a ton of hard work, but the question of the day is, why are you lingering, maybe you not happy with your current situation and you always wanted to open your own store or consulting firm, or just a change in life.

There are many reasons why most people start their business or a side gig. For many its job security, networking, doing good for others, skills, financial independence. 

Maria, says "Before starting my blog, my job was in the finance field which allowed to little opportunity to express my creativity. I quickly had to learn only the technical aspects of creating a blog and also how to market and monetize my content. That along with balancing my time between creating content and caring for a newborn baby is at time challenging. A good family support has helped a lot in this aspect." Learn more...

Amanda, "When being an entrepreneur we all have our obstacles and challenges. However, it's how we overcome them that is important. Even though I've faced challenges in growing my business, customers, communication, training and more, it's has been a growing process. Learning from our mistakes and failures and implementing new strategies is crucial." Learn more...

Carol, "Since, I was ten years old I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, it just took me a while to get there. I was told by many (not family) that I would never be able to play tennis professionally because I started too old at age (11 years old) and then when I went to work on Wall Street, being a woman I was told I would never move up the ranks. I turned those no's into yes's and it motivated me to prove them wrong." Read more... 

If you are considering starting your own business, it's never been a more exciting times to start and run your own business. Congratulations! You have taken the first step, give yourself credit you deserve.

People are always looking for guidance that they can use to start their own business. Here are our 8 recommended steps to starting your own business. The key, regardless of what type of business you are starting, is to be flexible.

1. Personal Evaluation

"Today's a great day to behave as the person you've always wanted to be." -Robin Sharma

Start by reviewing the reasons about yourself and your situation. Passion alone isn't enough for starting a business. Consider these evaluation questions: 

  1. Why do you want to start a business? Is it for money, freedom, helping people or other reasons. 
  2. Your skill set: What skills do you have? Are you great at Marketing, Social Media, Facebook marketing etc.
  3. What services or products can you provide? Are you in direct marketing, affiliate marketing, social media manager etc.
  4. What do you love to do? 
  5. Would you be part-time or full-time business owner? 
  6. Your strengths and weaknesses or will you have family support? 
You could be fantastic at what you do, but if you are obsessed with making money, you will deliver mediocre work and have no true satisfaction. Your goal is helping your clients/customers solve a problem and to make their lives better. Be determine to provide superior product or services.

2. Research Your Industry

Now that you decided on a business that fits your plans and goals. Determine your audience, who will buy your product or services? Who are your competitors? Just as you evaluate your personal goals, the same applies to researching your industry and there are many ways to research. You can begin with Google Search, talking with people, reviewing people in the industry, articles, webinars, connect with organizations like Score (Free Business Advice) or Small Business Administration (SBA) for help.

3. Determine Your Legal Structure

Types of business structure: Sole proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation, Limited Liability Company (LLC). Registering your business is the first step towards being legal. Learn the advantage and disadvantages of the different business structure. Depending on your location there will be city, county or state rules to deal with and consider an attorney to iron out the complicated details when deciding on your business name and structure. **Do research the availability for that name.**

4. Planning Process

"A goal without a plan is just a wish."

Having a business plan is a road map to your destination, its something to help guide your progress and the things you need to do in order to achieve your goals. If you are seeking finance having a business plan to present to investors, banks, or potential partners is a great option to use to define your strategy, goals, sales forecast, promotions to achieve your goals. For my company I used a seven (7) parts process which included:

  • Executive Summary
  • Company Overview
  • Marketing Analysis Summary
  • Strategy & Implementation
  • Sales Strategy
  • Management Summary
  • Conclusion
If you require detailed information on how to write a business plan, there are tons of information that you can research to help you choose the right business plan to present to others or as your own guide.

5. Finance-Shoestring Budget & Free Resources

While it maybe great to seek out investment from the start. It's helpful to do as much as you can with what money you have. You can consider investments after you have proven your concept or business absolutely works and you have been through every penny in your bank account. There are tons of free resources online that you can utilize to help you grow your business, you will need to invest a lot of your 'time' though.

6. Get Social

Social Media Marketing is not quick and easy, nor is it just a few blog post, few update here and there, followers and likes and your business instantly grow overnight. It takes time, real planning and dedication to get the word out, but there are tools that can help you speed up the process with content. Build your platforms early, don't wait for launch date to create your social media platforms.

Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, they are all free platforms for any business to use to engage your audience. There are also sites that can help with great content. I recommend two sites that I use for curated content to share on our social sites, for example, Alltop or Flipboard. There are dozens of great curated content sites you can choose from, you just have to do your own research.

Website & Blogs

Have a mobile-optimized website or blog, this should be your top priority for engaging mobile customers.  Website designed for Desktop or Laptop PCs (90% of websites) do not work well when viewed on Smartphones. Mobile users constantly have to pinch and zoom in order to read a site content, this makes for a frustrating unpleasant experience for the mobile user. Have a font size that makes your content easy to read, and consider mobile ready website or blog to give your customers a great experience. We will be happy to assist you with your website.

7. Helpful Tools

Have you heard about QuickBook Accounting Software for New Businesses? It's Ideal for Social Media Managers, Consultants, Contractors...this software helps you keep track of mileage and expenses, store receipts digitally...right for Small business owner like myself without employees. Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover...Works on iphone, ipads and Android devices. Keep you organized come tax time. Pay employees when you're ready to hire and helps you stay in compliant with Federal, State and Local Taxes...Just as how you may need an attorney to iron out the complicated details, every small business owner should have this service...learn more

Mobile Apps

NCB Group Mobile Apps. Our Mobile App an all-in-one marketing tool is design for small businesses who would like to bring in new customers and increase repeat business. Having a mobile app is an easy to use platform for connecting and sharing current information with customers, and its a direct communication platform. It can create a two-way communication with potential customers, prospects and clients. It encourages interaction. A great marketing tool to offer more insights into your company, employees, goals and ideas.

"Making promises and keeping them is a great way to build your brand."

Business Directory

We are in the early stages of rolling out our new mobile app "Shop Small Business" for Small Business Week April 30th-May 6th and we are currently integrating Small Businesses into our Mobile App Directory, we believe that the app contains features that are a tremendous value to your customers. To learn more about our Mobile App Marketing Strategy and how this could potentially grow your business. Contact Us

Take advantage of our Free Offer to be featured on our all our social sites. To Register go to the right side our blog and submit your information and we will forward to you all the required information. 

8. Trial & Errors (Expect to Make Mistakes)

"A second chance doesn't mean anything if you haven't learned from your first mistakes."

Whether you just started your first business or your fourth, expect to make mistakes, learn from them and move on. Be open minded to change, be creative and adapt, look for other ways to improve, you get to choose what you want to do and what direction you want to grow in and have fun along the way.

Avoid using online advertising to early. Start with free sites...Craigslist or Back Page. Setup social media accounts, create flyers and network to grow your brand. If, then you feel to venture into online advertising do your homework or hire a professional to help you. Have Business cards and marketing materials, like brochures.

Avoid starting too many social media accounts. Pick two or three sites, once setup, post regularly, use social management sites like Hootsuite, Post Planner to help you schedule post ahead of time.

Networking. Check out your local Chamber of Commerce or use online site to connect with people in your local area. Use to meet other people, share similar experiences or stories, and at some point in time you will meet someone who will need your services.

You have taken the most important step, taking control of your own destiny, the journey isn't a smooth one, its filled with bumps, twist and turns, roadblocks and unexpected detours.  "Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end." Congratulations!

Ok, so maybe you did all the steps mentioned, and that's great, so what now? Well, there are business planning or strategy, selling, interacting with clients, admin work, (payroll, balancing your books, billing) Oh my goodness what have I done... there is still... Social Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Using social sites that suits your business,(Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram), Email Marketing, Blogging, Branding, Customer Service, Mobile Apps and more. Finding a balance with work, life and business. Feel like pulling your hair out yet? Like I said, it's a ton of work. How can I help You!

Stay tune...Follow my blog. Don't forget to connect with me. 

Looking forward to working with you. Have a question, contact me.

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To Your Success,

Friday, March 31, 2017

9 Tips To Empower Women to Grow Strong Businesses

Thinking about starting your own company? It can be very difficult, even with experience. Here's 9 Tips For Women Wanting to Launch (And Grow) Their Own Business, by Jessica Vince. 

Thankfully there are a few female entrepreneurs who've been through the highs and low of business and are armed with advice to help make the process as pain-free as possible, states, Jessica. So, forget a motivational quote on Instagram-these women know what it's really like to launch, and grow a brand. Take note as they share their top tips on how to make it happen, from building the initial idea to going global.

Tip: 1 Bootstrap your business

While it may be tempting to seek investment from the get-go, its a helpful learning curve to do as much as you can with what money you have. Just as Jennifer and Natalie, co-founders of recruitment app Placed, who embarked on a crowdfunding campaign only after they'd proven their concept (and been through every penny in their bank account). Read more...

Tip: 2 Create Strict Office Hours

It's easy to work 24/7 when first launch a business so trying creating boundaries early on. Katherine Ormerod, founder of "Even if you decide to work 8am to 8pm, you need to be strict," she says. "While it's true the more you put in the more you get out, you can give too much of yourself and that will be at the detriment of both your health and your business. If you don't, very soon you'll find that sleep and relaxation become impossible. Read more...

Tip: 3 Ignore the nay-sayers

One of the simplest lessons to learn is persistence. Divine Chocolate has come a long way since its launch in the late 90's and now has a turnover of 12M pounds a year, but Group CEO Sophi Tranchell experienced fair share of doubters. "When we started, people said it would never work commercially," explains Sophi. "It only made more determined to make the brand a success and prove it is possible to create a business where people are valued just as much as profits, delivering real impact for the farmers who grow the ingredients". For more of Sophi's advice, listen to NatWest's Women in Business podcast. Continue reading...

Tip: 4 Don't be afraid to say no

Speaking of collaborations, it's likely that partnerships with other businesses will start popping up, so who to choose? Kirsten Hazell, CEO and Founder of London Grace. "I don't believe in delivering anything halfheartedly, so if the timing isn't right, we aren't afraid to say no, even if it's a brand we'd absolutely love to work with". Read more...

Tip: 5 Learn to delegate

It's a recurring theme that business owners take to much rather than assessing their own limitations and sharing the workload. As co-founder and CEO of Clue, the world's fastest growing female health app, Ida Tin has learned to let go and trust others to take over key tasks. "it's not as easy as it sounds when you are so invested in your brand, although it is something that people in all positions should think about in order to make themselves more productive," she says. "it becomes easier to let go as the team grows, and there are many talented people around me who honestly are better skilled to take care of certain things." Continue reading...

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Are you a women in business? If so, you're certainly not in the minority. According to Arizona State University, women make up 51 percent of corporate professionals in the United States today. However, many C-suite positions are still occupied by the opposite gender. In fact, Jared Lindxon argues via an article in Fortune that companies with the best reputation in their respective industries have more than twice as many women in senior management' however, Lindzon also points out that "Only 10.9% of Fortune 500 senior leaders are female, while 37.6% of those companies have no women in their C-suites..."

Would you rather start your own company or wait around for an executive position to open up at the company?

Entrepreneurship is an attractive option for ambitious women with a version; not only does it provide an opportunity to lead a company as its Chief Executive Operator, but it also allows for a great deal of freedom in terms of how to manage, market and finance a business, implicit in this freedom is the knowledge that the design or intent of the company could change at any time, if market forces dictate or encourage a different direction. What then, are some current and future trends for entrepreneurs who happens to be women?

Business-Savvy Tips for Female Entrepreneurs in 2017, by Daphne Stanford

Be Bold and Creative with Financing

There are a number of different possible sources of funding for your business seed money. Fortunately, there are also a number of financial resources out there, as well. Intuit's Small Business Center is one resources with a number of funding ideas for all sizes and types of businesses, with different recommendations depending on whether you own a small business or a high-growth-potential idea-the amount of funding may depend for example on the stage of growth your company is in. Continue reading...

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The 5 Financing Missteps Women Make When Launching Their Own Business
5 Success Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs
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We hope you find the articles useful to you and your business. We will continue to research and put together curated content for our readers. As a reminder join our community on Twitter and Google Plus, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter, where you will continue to receive much more information.  Thank you.

To Your Success, 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Top 50+ Sites Free Images For Your Social Media Posts

Update on our previous post. I got a nice email from, Sylvester Jalmaiz, Community Outreach Specialist for Canva, and he requested if I can include Canva to the list of Free Images Sources...

My original post includes the Author of the article 50+ Free Images for Your Blog & Social Media Posts, Courtney Seiter, she heads up content marketing at Buffer, pet every dog she sees and collects vintage coats. Follow her on Twitter @CourtneySeiter and Google+ +Courtney Seiter

As for me, I am a work at home mom, I design and build mobile apps for Small and Medium-sized Business to advertise their business to people on the Go! I also research and curate articles on Marketing, Branding, Productivity, Women Entrepreneurs, Mobile Marketing, Small Business and more. I use my blogs and mobile app directory as another way to promote Women In Business, whether they are new or seasoned entrepreneurs, as well as Small Business Owners.

Why I love Canva:

  • I don't need design skills, just a great imagination and creativity. 
  • I can create fabulous graphics for all my social media posts.
  • My favorite part: "It's Free"
  • Visit Canva the Offical Website: Tell Sylvester Jalmaiz, Community Outreach Specialist for Canva, that Nicky sent you.
I have been using Canva for a number of years now, I use Canva for every blog post, Tweet, and everything in between. Canva designs are simple for everyone, you can create flyers, business cards, brochures, invitations, resumes, letterhead, Magazines, Twitter, Google, Facebook covers, and more, and look like you are a Graphic Design Specialist. I love Canva, and I highly recommend them.

 I found a really great articles that did a fantastic job on how to use Canva. How to Use Canva to Create Beautiful Graphics for Social Media, by Debra Garber

Courtney gives a  breakdown of more than 50 different sources and tools for visual content. In her post she will cover the following: Searchable photo sites, Free-form photo libraries, Photo search tools, Create-your-own image tools, Embeddable media.

Searchable photo databases

If you want a photo or image on a specific topic, you'll want that's searchable. Here are a few to check out. (I randomly picked sites, they are not all in order) For complete list go to: Click here...

1. Dreamstime

Dreamstime offers a free section that's searchable and frequently updated. It requires you to create a (free) account.

2. Free Digital Photos

Free Digital Photos houses a wealth of free images-categorized and searchable for business, personal or educational use. They're smaller sized and larger versions are available for purchase. Using the free images often requires a credit to the photographer. Continue reading....

3. Free Images

Free Images is a large gallery of more than 350,000 stock photos, searchable and categorized. Downloading a photo does require a longer than most signup process but the bigger selection might worth it.

4. Free Range Stock

Free Range Stock offers access to free high-quality, high resolution stock photos. A (free) registration is required.

5. Free Photo Bank

Free Photo Bank has a nice collection of free photos available for download without login. They're extensively categorized with a few different ways to search too. Continue reading....

6. ImageFree

Image Free's registered users can download both free and paid images to use in corporate and personal projects. The free selection seems fairly limited though.

7. IM Free

IM Free offers a curated collection of free resources, all for commercial use. Search for a keyword or browse through the stylishly crafted categories. Continue reading...

You May Also Like:

8. Hubspot

It's not a photo source per se, but marketing platform Hubspot often offers packages of free photos in exchange for your email address.

9. iStock

iStock release new batch of free stock images every week. )Signup for a free membership-a slightly confusing process-is required)

10. New Old Stock

New Old Stock is a collection of vintage photos from the public archives, free of known copyright restrictions. Continue reading...

If you are planning to use any of these free sites, let us know what you think, by leaving a comment, I would appreciate it. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Google, our links are at the top, side and bottom. Join Our New Savvy Women In Business Google Community. 

Take part in our Weekly Polls, register to have your business featured on our blogs, its Free. Advertise Your Business on Our Mobile Apps, coming soon to our Mobile World 101

To Your Success,
Women In Business

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Starting Your Own Business? 10 Things You Should Know

The journey to become a successful business owner isn't smooth one. It's filled with bumps, forks and unexpected detours.

Surprisingly, most business owners wouldn't have it any other way. It's barge of honor that we proudly display.
That doesn't mean that there have been mistakes that I wish I hadn't made. Not that I'm embarrassed. These mistakes have helped me get to where I am today. It's just that if I could have prevented them, the journal could have been just a bit smoother and less stressful.

With that in mind, here are 10 things that I wish I knew before I launched my own business. Author: John Rampton, Twitter @johnrampton +John Rampton

1. Running the business is always the top priority.

Perhaps the biggest misconception about starting your own business is that you're only focused on chasing your passion. In other words, you're not just going to be making handmade jewelry, cooking on your own food truck, or designing websites 24/7.That's maybe going to consume 15% of your time.

Instead you're going to spend a bulk of your time on developing business strategies, marketing, selling, interacting with customers, and doing administrative tasks like bookkeeping, invoicing, and payroll. In short you're a business owner first and then a web designer, chef, or creator of handmade jewelry. I know this isn't what you signup for, but the sooner you realize this fact, the sooner you'll be able to launch and maintain a successful business.

2. It's about helping others, not turning a profit.

While you obviously need to turn a profit, that's not your goal. Your focus should be on helping your customers solve a problem or make their lives better. You could be an extremely knowledgeable consultant, but if you're just preoccupied with making money, how is that going to benefit your clients in the long-run? It's not. And, you're going to deliver mediocre results.

When I started my payment company Due it wasn't just because I thought it was a way to beef-up my bank account. It was because I was looking for an easier and more affordable way to fellow freelancers and small business owner to send and receive money-a problem experienced. Continue reading...

Once you realize that its not about you, or how much money is flowing into your bank, you'll start delivering a superior product or service, which will attract more customers. And when you have more customers, the more income you'll generate.

3. The importance of cash flow management.

Make no mistake about it. Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. When you don't properly manage your cash flow you end up spending more money that you're bringing in. And how long can you expect to stay-in-business when you don't have enough money to pay your necessary expenses? Continue reading...

The most effective way to manage your cash flow is by creating a budget and justifying every expense so that you know exactly where your hard earned money is going.

4. The odds are stacked against me, and that's alright.

You've probably heard this time and time again. But most businesses are going to fail. So, what steps are you going to take to at least decrease the odds? There isn't a one size fits all approach, but you should consider doing something like keeping your current job for as long as you can. This gives you time to build an emergency fund, conduct market research, and start gaining some traction. Even when it's to make to take that giant leap you need to hire the right team and constantly develop your skills.

Even if your business fails, its not the end of the world. At least you've gain new skills, experiences and have learned from your mistakes so that you can come back even stronger. To continue reading...

5. Activity doesn't equal growth.

What do you consider growth? Is it all of the fancy features that you added to your product? Is it the swanky new office or 20 new employees? Is it the glowing review you just received in a leading industry publication?

All of that is great. But it doesn't constitute growth. Growth means that you're building a product and adding customers. That's it. Continue reading...

I experienced the same struggles as John. I quickly realized it's not about me, it's all about helping people and solving their problems and making their lives better. I had to change my focus on not be so preoccupied and worried about making money, and not to see every customers with a dollar sign.

Starting a business from scratch as a female and wanting to make women own businesses a way to get their business out there, is indeed a struggle and hard work, but as John previously stated "most business owners wouldn't have it any other way." So do I, I love the fact that I can help someone, build their online presence, through Mobile Apps, Blogs or Websites.

If you are a female entrepreneurs learn how we can featured your business on our blogs and our social networks, we are happy to join forces to get the word out there about your business, talk about your struggles and why you started your business. Learn more...

We are looking forward to working with you and making 2017 a successful year.

To Your Success,
Nicky, Twitter

Friday, February 24, 2017

Featured Women In Business-Introducing Paparazzi Accessories by Amanda Queen

Women In Business-Introducing Paparazzi Accessories by Amanda Queen

Introduce Yourself

Hi! My name is Amanda Queen and a Paparazzi Accessories Independent Consultant and a Fashion Stylist.

Tell us about your business.

What we offer with Paparazzi is an opportunity for women to feel and look beautiful without breaking their bank account to do so. Everything we offer is $5, nickel and lead FREE! As well as our little girls line, Starlet Shimmer for $1.

How long have you been an entrepreneur and what inspired you to start your business?

I've been an entrepreneur for 4 years and truly enjoy it! What brought about starting my business is the desire to earn extra income while doing other things that I'm passionate about. I enjoy music, dance, and acting. Being an entrepreneur has given me the opportunity to freely operate in these areas. Now, I've grown inspired to help other men and women reach their financial goals and dreams, which has been a joy to see.

What are some obstacles you have faced along the way?

When being an entrepreneur we all have our obstacles and challenges. However, it's how we overcome them that is important. Even though I've faced challenges in growing my business, customers, communication, training and more, it's been a growing process. Learning from our mistakes and failures and implementing new strategies is crucial.

What are some things that helped you to succeed?

There are two things that have helped me succeed thus far (still growing): consistency and focus. These two things are very important to override any obstacles or challenges that may arise. When we are consistent with our business, people see the commitment and therefore can build trust and see the passion in what we do. When we are focus, there is more of a probability of achieving your goals and your desired results.

How has been an entrepreneur changed your outlook in your business life?

Being an entrepreneur opens your perspective in many ways. It has been an opportunity to learn more about myself, stretch my limits, step outside of my comfort zone, and have a greater responsibility in prioritizing, finances, etc. There are so many aspects to business. It's very interesting to see how being an entrepreneur has stretched me in my business life but as an individual as well.

What advice would you share to any female entrepreneur about starting her own business?

When starting your own business knowing your "Why" is important. In other words, know WHY you do what you do. When you have a vision in place and passionate; it will take you far. But those who write the vision, passionate about the vision, and remain consistent and focus on the vision for thier business have greater results. So, before starting any business, you need to document your agenda, and run with it. That would be the first part. Secondly, to always offer excellent customer service. This should be the mandate of every entrepreneur. The littlest things can go a long way with a customer.

Where can we reach your products or services?

I may be reached at or 757.319.5264. Also, at the following links. Thank you for reading!

Paparazzi Accessories
Independent Consultant #13849
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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Featured Women In Business-Believe Beauty Lounge

Women In Business-Introducing Believe Beauty Lounge

1) Introduce Yourself

Lisa Koebbe Bevan, Owner of  Believe Beauty Lounge and Master Hair-cutter & Master Board Certified Hair Colorist. Licensed 32 years and Owner 9 years.

2) What inspired you to start your business?

My inspiration was that after over 20 years knowing my former employer and mentor, I as asked to leave upon refusing to sign an unreasonable non-compete agreement. Clients felt that I should have an opportunity to own my own salon and offered to lend me funds to do so. So it was more necessity and opportunity presented than inspiration...that came after this mind blowing experience.

3) What are some obstacles you faced along the way?

Obstacles that I found (and continue to find) most challenging are staffing...finding passionate, agreeable and teachable employees.

4) What are some things that helped to succeed?

As far as my present staff supports and respects me, which in turn allows me to produce at my optimum.

5) How has being an entrepreneur changed your outlook in your life?

Being an entrepreneur hasn't changed my outlook on life, per say, but I liked the ability to have the control to create the feeling in my space and take care of guests properly and professionally (and make my own schedule)

6) What advice would you share to any female entrepreneur about starting her own business?

Advice...Love what you do and treat each client like it is the first time they are a guest in your space. There are innumerable places that the public can choose, over you, to get their services, so...don't get cocky. Remember, you are not the only one. Little things mean a lot. Listen and Truly Care.

7) Where can we reached your services?

Believe Beauty Lounge
395 Manville Road
Pleasantville, New York 10570
Facebook  & Twitter

What Clients are Saying:

"Lisa has taken my hair to the next level. When I walk in there, it's such a friendly atmosphere. The Staff even sent me flowers when I was hospitalized." Kate, Pleasantville

"Thank you so much for everything you did at our wedding. You went above and beyond what we ever could have expected. The shop is amazing and every time I'm here it feels like home." Chris Rubeo, Owner of Berger Hardware

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