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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Why Branding Matters

"A brand is not just a logo, website or your business card...its an experience."

Creating a brand is not as easy as buying shares of an established one, it requires whole lot of efforts to build a brand, setting a distinct tone, a personality and even consistency.

Building a brand voice is not something which you can do repeatedly, you must set up a certain tone, an appeal to lure your audience. It is crucial to stay aware of your competitors, market, and customers. It is because these can make or break your brand in no time.

B2B companies are often found to create new appeals for their corporate brands. Be it with different marketing collaterals or with a word of month. Inconsistency in your brand appeal may disrupt the crucial communication in between the brand and the customer. Following are a few steps using which you can discover your brand voice and create an astonishingly-appealing brand. How to Create a B2B Brand that Resonate Your Customers? by Mir Hussain. Continue reading... 

Today in Social Media-Why Branding Matters...

Personal Branding

3 Quick Tips for Creating a Personal Brand, by Aqueelah Emanuel.

Branding isn't just for businesses. You can build your own personal brand as well. Personal branding is a way to build a presence so that people see your skills and abilities. If you are looking to advance your career, personal branding is exactly what you need. Building your personal brand will help advance your career. Continue reading...

The Trust Factor, by Gary Border.

One of the most overlooked and underrated factors to building your brand loyalty and expanding your business is The Trust Factor. Without a purposeful and consistent strategy to promote trust in your brand, your most elaborate marketing efforts will fall short. Trust is one of the greatest motivators for the gambling enthusiasts, who bring in over 50% of your revenue. It's that priceless factor that influences customers to commit to your brand to keep coming back for more, and even to share with others about their positive experience, ultimately driving more business through your doors. Continue reading...

More on Branding...

7 Ways to get your customers to actively promote your brand...

How to Build a Consistent Brand, by Vikas Agrawal.

You may have heard that branding is the key to long term business success. The is true, however, it is also extremely important that a brand is always consistent. Consistent branding generates trust and increases consumer loyalty. It also ensures that your brand and value propositions are always recognizable. Business are just like people, consistency creates confidence.

Since consistent branding is so important, companies should spend time planning and shaping their brand. Your brand is how you want people to see and perceive your company. Do you want them to think you are innovative, dynamic, solid, dependable, or classy? These are all qualities that you will try to consistently represent with your brand. So how do you achieve this? These are the step that should be taken to build a consistent brand. Continue reading...

How to Build a Personal Brand that Elevates Your Company, by AJ Agrawal.

Personal branding can open up new doors and help you fulfill your dreams. By focusing on branding yourself properly, you'll ensure that your reputation precedes you--and you'll be one step closer to your proverbial advice, "Work until you no longer need to introduce yourself."

But, what can you do if you're trying to promote your company's brand at the same time? Focusing on yourself can be a real challenge as an entrepreneur--especially when your company is still young. The metaphorical blood, sweat and tears required to accomplished your goals may have resulted in your company's success, and you couldn't be more proud: The brand is your baby, and you're seeing it grow up. Continue reading...

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