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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Small Business Cyber Security & Business Tools

30 Tools that Can Help Make Running Your Business Simple for 2017. Posted by Anthony Frank

1. Accounting & Finance
  • Freshbooks: If you need online invoicing, time tracking and expense services, this program is easy to navigate, even for the most novice business owners.
  • Wave Accounting: Quickly manage payroll and manage your business receipts for free.
  • Expensify: Get a handle on all of your business expenses and invoices so you can concentrate on more important things.
This article covers all aspects for a small business owner. Tools for customer support, Human Resources, Legal, Sales, Marketing, Operations and much more. Read here...

Small Business Cyber Security. Why Hackers Target Small Businesses. Make your small business cyber security a priority in 2017. By Melinda Emerson-In Technology Trends.

Many small business owners may think they are protected against computer viruses and hacks, but that may not be the case. In fact, too many small business owners don't do much to protect themselves. There are so many must-dos that accompany running a business that it's easy for tasks like protecting your IT infrastructure to be placed on the back burner. But the typical IT Security problem can cost a small business thousands of dollars to correct, and a couple of days of lost work time per year.

Large enterprises are more likely to experience cyber-attack, but small businesses have been accounting for an increasing proportion of attacks for the past several years. That's because typical cyber criminals don't care who they target so much as what they target, which is money.

Furthermore, hackers and ransom-ware makers often target smaller businesses and startups because we don't typically have the big cyber security budgets that big corporations do, so they can be easier to infiltrate. If your company didn't develop a comprehensive cyber security plan for your business its time to get a plan together to protect their IT assets as soon as possible. Read more...

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