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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

10 List to Keep If You Want to be Successful

Today's quote: "It is not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The Question is: What are we busy about? - Henry David Thoreau

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Today in Social Media-Life Hacks: 10 List to Keep If You Want To Be Successful, by DJordje Todorovic /

Keeping track of crucial elements in your life through list-making is still an unrivaled tactic for counter balancing feeble recollection. By utilizing constant reminders, we can have significantly greater organization, we won't be under the impression we have forgotten something, and we will have a clear insight into which task has a stamp of immediacy attached to it. Here are ten suggested lists that warrant implementation, in order to track achievement and nurture ambition. Read more...

10 Tricks Successful People Use to Stay Calm in Stressful Situations, by Steve Kux /

From CEOs to firefighters to fighter-jet pilots, the ability to stay calm in a difficult situation can mean the difference between success and failure. Research has shown that the mind work best when it is in a moderate state of arousal (not too stressed, but not to calm either). So how do successful people stay cool under pressure? Read more...

4 Ways to Hold Yourself Accountable to Your Goals, by Alicia T. Glenn, Founder of Astounding Pursuits /

You have to know your why...why is accomplishing this goal important to you? How will it ultimately improve your life? If don't have a compelling enough answer for yourself, then you probably, won't stick to it since it's not that important to you. You have to want to change bad enough, because when the going gets tough, you'll quit. Nobody wants to sacrifice for something that they don't see a lot of value in. Read more...

7 Toxic People to Avoid When Starting a Business, by Isaiah Hankel /

Starting a business is one of the most challenging things you can do. And one of the hardest parts is that most people won't understand why you'r working so hard, especially when you're not making much money to start.

They also won't understand why you'r spending so much time away from them. Some of these people may even resent you for starting a business. They'll try to drag you down emotionally, tell you your business idea is silly and impossible or even try to sabotage your efforts. You may think that explaining yourself to these people will make thing better. But in most cases, explanations won't help. Read more...

9 Bad Work Habits That Are Making Your Job Stressful, by GoodTherapy Staff /

These days stress and work often go hand in hand. Many of us can't even imagine what our jobs would be like if they didn't stress us out at least a little bit. In fact, a recent survey conducted for the American Institute of Stress found that more then 80% of Americans find at least one aspect of their job stressful. Although many factors contributing to work related stress are out of one's control, there are may habits we engage in that can make our work days all the more nerve-racking. Here are nine (9) bad habits at work that could be increasing your job stress, along with some suggestions on ways to overcome them.

1. Procrastination

Waiting until the last minute to do something isn't good for anybody's nerves. Studies show that people who procrastinate have higher stress levels, lower overall well-being, and poorer performance outcomes than those who tackle right away.

The best way to combat procrastination is to just get started. Even if you don't finish what you start, getting the ball rolling helps and makes the overall project less daunting. Just do it, don't wait. If you put everything off to the last minute, you're certain to feel more stressed, not to mention you leave little room for revision or error. Read more...

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