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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

6 Facebook Management Tools to Manage Your Daily Activities

6 Facebook Management Tools to Manage your Daily Activities, by Antonio Calero

Using Facebook to run and promote your business is not easy task.

It's not just about posting great content and doing so regularly, there are lots of other tasks to keep on top of: lead generation, running promotions, social listening, scheduling appointments, selling, advertising...and so on, all of which are a critical part of business success.

The way fans and followers react to my social media posts is really to me. But, at the same time, I need to manage my workflow so that I can produce this great content efficiently.

If your daily activities become a hassle, you will end up not completing them. Cue a total loss in productivity. To make this easier for you, I have compiled the following list of the most important business activities that are required to run your business on Facebook.

I've also listed the best, easiest-to-use tools to help you complete that task. Configuring each of them is as simple as 1-2-3, none will take more than five minutes of your time, and they will make your life way much easier. Read more...

The 5 Best Social Media Tools to Free Up 2 Hours a Day, Posted by Katie Herum

She recently did an interview with Media Shower where she shared some of her best advice on creating strategies that results in high engagement and ROI, These tools below won't only help increase your engagement, but improve the quality of engagement, and your overall day-to-day efficiency. Read more...

8 Ways to Improve Social Shares for Your Blog, by Ian Cleary

Do you want more shares for your blog content? Are you looking for tools to optimize blog posts for sharing? When website visitors share your content, you get more views which leads to more visibility and engagement.

In this article I'll share 8 ways to optimize your blog content for sharing and tools to help you. Read more...

21 Simple Ways to Get More Followers for Your Google Plus Business Page, by Stephen Walsh

Google plus has more than one billion registered (and 359 million active) users, as well as some of the most business-friendly features of any social network, this is the time to start building out your business page, if you haven't done so already.
As additional incentive, Google :Plus has been shown to dramatically improve search engine rankings, which, in itself is a sufficient reason to join the platform. By building your brand through this social media channel, you will be able to boost your SEO efforts and increase your business's online exposure.

So, let's jump in and take a look at some of the awesome ways to increase your exposure on Google Plus. Read more...

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