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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Now That Your Public Tweets are Searchable, Here's How to Delete the Embarrassing Ones

"Thought of the Day: "Carpe diem! Rejoice while you are alive; enjoy the day; live life to the fullest; make the most of what you have. It is later than you think." Horace

This week, Twitter opened up its archive to the public, making possible to users to search every Tweet that's ever been published. According to the site's engineering blog, Twitter's search engine has indexed about half a trillion sent tweets, dating from its launch in 2006.

Previously, the entire archive was only available to few partners, like social analytics platform Gnip (which was subsequently acquired by Twitter in September), the Library of Congress and MIT's new laboratory for Social Machines, which got a $10 million investment from the social giant in October. Of course, while the public archive can let you look back at conversations around much-discussed topics like sporting events, elections, TED Talks, memes and gasp-worthy awkward stabs at tweeting can be seen by just about anyone.

But never fear - there is a way to expunge them from the record, if need be. Users can download their personal backlog, and each tweet has a live link back to the original, which can then be deleted. There are other ways to remove wide swaths of your Twitter history with apps like Delete Tweets, Tweet Cleaning (free) and Tweetinator (paid), or services that require you to sign in with your Twitter account, like Twit Wipe and Tweet Eraser. See more...

18 Effective Social-Media Tools that Will Save You Time, by Anna James, Contributor Entrepreneur

Most small business juggle several social media accounts at once, and with great difficulty.

Thankfully, web developers have come to the rescue with a myriad of applications to maximize the social-media experience across all platforms. Here are 19 of the most effective and time-saving applications currently on the market across the five most popular social media sites for business.


1. SocialBro: "The number-one marketing platform for Twitter, "SocialBro maps community engagement on a simple graph. This a tool made for businesses with the goal of monetizing their followings. A 15-day free trail is offered. Continue reading...

2. Tweetdeck: Now owned by Twitter, Tweetdeck aims to maximize reach. With its customizable dashboard, users can schedule future tweets and monitor activity across several accounts - all at a glance.

3. Social Rank: Your Social Rank groups your best followers, most engaged and most valuable. From this information, businesses can take extra care of valuable customers. Social Rank generates a free report on the day of sign up. Continue reading...

4. Tweriod measures the effectiveness of posts according to level of engagement, detailing hours and days when engagement peaks. Every business needs to use Tweriod when planning their content-marketing strategy.

5. NeedTagger: One of the most underrated social-media tools for businesses, NeedTagger pinpoints Twitter users that are hunting for a product of service. The tool runs keyword searches and delivers real time results.


6. LikeAlyzer: As the name suggests, Likealyzer analyzes Facebook pages, generating reports highlighting areas for improvement. This tool is an invaluable resources for business new to social media. The page-rant section allows business to see how they stack up against similar brands and by industry standards.

7. Wolfram Alpha Facebook Report: This tool is handy for those who drive the business page through their personal profile. The free Wolfram report is incredibly detailed including a relationship status graph. Continue reading...

8. Agorapulse: This tool focuses on customer-relationship management (CRM) by building profiles of fans based on their interactions on the page. Price starts at $29 per month for one page wit less than 6,000 likes.

9. BuildFire is a devilishly streamlined way for a business to create an application in minutes, or the BuildFire team will customize one BuildFire integrates beautifully with all major platforms, facilitating user engagement.

10. PageModo overhauls the aesthetic of Facebook pages by providing custom cover photos, additional tabs and unique landing pages. PageModo offers basic free package and upgrades start at $6.25 per month. Continue reading...


11. Curalate: Useful on Instagram and Pinterest, Curalate monitors conversations about brands, product and services, providing vital information to businesses. Curalate identifies potential brand advocates and influential followers.

12. Iconosquare (formely Statigram) is a user-friendly platform that monitors statistics for followers' level of engagement, including lost and gained followers, in weekly and monthly periods.

13. Collecto is particularly useful to small businesses that are concerned with building up their followings. The location-based app categorizes followers into the brands they are talking about and hashtags they use. Continue reading...

Do you know any other useful social-media tools? Please share them in your comments below.

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