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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

5 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

Thought of the Day: "If you see something you like, take it and make it better."

5 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid, by Entrepreneur

When done right, social media can be a powerful way to connect with customers and communicate branded messaging. Luckily, some of the most common barriers to amplifying social messages and boosting engagement are simple to avoid.

 Mastering a few basic can give your efforts the best chance to succeed and capitalize on what these platforms can offer.

Incomplete Profiles

Don't overlook your "About us" pages. These sections are a great place to tell your story, provide essential contact information and link back to your company's website. As more information is included in these sections, it is easier for customers to find the exact business they are seeking. Furthermore, connecting a business website with it corresponding social media pages helps identity official accounts.

One-way communication.

Social media is about conversations. While traditional marketing tactics (billboards and paper advertisements), force brands to talk at customers, social networks give you the chance to talk with them. Engaging with customers fosters relationships, brand loyalty and a positive reputation. Brands that dedicate time to responding to customers find the greatest success. Continue reading...

Spamming with sales pitches

Social channels require carefully crafted message -- not direct sales pitches. Posting a barrage of product links that scream "buy now" are often viewed as spam which will discourage followers and limit potential reach. It is important to note that sending spam to a violation of many networks' Terms of Service and as such there is a risk of account termination if posts are repeatedly flagged as spam. Continue reading...

4 Things That Keep Customers Coming Back by Christina Desmarais

Winning customer loyalty involves more than offering a stellar product or service. Here's how to keep your brand relevant.

When it comes to customer loyalty perhaps no other space has it as rough as hospitality. After all, who doesn't enjoy trying out new hotels and restaurants? Hank Freid, CEO and founder of Impulsive Group, know a thing or two about the subject. The New York City real estate mogul's portfolio includes a number of luxury hotel properties throughout Manhattan including the Ameritania Hotel at 54th and Broadway, the Moroccan-themed Marrakech hotel on the Upper West Side and his most recent acquisition, the newly renovated Sanctuary Hotel on West 47th Street which was International Hotel of the Year of the 2011 European Hospitality Awards.

Embrace Change

Human beings crave novelty so its vital that you consistently offer customers some kind of newness. It doesn't mean your product or service needs to change constantly, but maybe your website can regularly feature fresh elements. Just look at the doodles Google often plops onto its homepage or the way Bling showcases a new beautiful image every day --people love being surprised. "Anyone who doesn't keep moving with the times presenting new ideas or a fresh face is going to get stale and the brand won't be interesting anymore," he says.

Keep your message succinct.

Like it or not, most people have some kind of device within arm's reach almost every waking second, giving them the ability to flit between apps or social networks at the tap of a finger. A a result, inattention is a modern pandemic. "The message has to come across simple and memorable enough to engage a wide audience, he says.

Find and tell interesting stories

For example, Freid make sure his hotel properties tout in their newsletters examples of superb customer service, such as one concierge who took the broken high-heel shoe a customer had asked him to throw away to shoemaker who fixed it. "Without asking her or anything," Freid says.  "She couldn't stop thanking us enough and then wrote a super review for us on TripAdvisor. It's those kind of things that you don't expect or the kind of stories you might want to tell." Continue reading...

What are your thoughts about social media mistakes in this article? Which tip would you implement so that you can keep your customers/client coming back? Looking forward to your insights and comments below.

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