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Thursday, October 16, 2014

How You Can Leverage Social Media in Today's Market

How Anyone Can Leverage Social Media in Today's Marketplace.

Three Easy Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing... By Ellen Lee

You've heard that social media marketing can lead to more loyal customers, more brand recognition, more repeat business, more...well everything.

But successes like these aren't instant or automatic. Effective social media marketing requires a great deal of effort. It isn't easy for small business owners-or anyone-to come up with a steady stream of pithy statements in 140 character or less. That said, there are some simple solutions that can make a difference in reaching and connecting with your audience. Here are three strategies you can add immediately to your social media marketing arsenal. Read more...

20 Social Media Tips to Rule In 2014

If you're in charge of social media management for your company, its time to up your game in 2014. It requires more than the random postings about your great sale, latest product or a shameless plug in the local paper. Social media marketing is easily a full time job, and for good reason. Here are 20 ways to optimize your social media strategy in 2014 and beyond. Read more...

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The Top 7 Social Media Marketing Trends Dominating 2014 

Would it surprise you learn that some experts believe Google is on its way out, that MySpace is making a last-ditch attempt to re-engage users, or that Foursquare is in the middle of a radical overhaul?

Late last year, I made some predictions for social media trends in my article, The Top 7 Social Media Marketing Trends that will Dominate 2014. In this article, I'm going to examine where things are now that we're around the mid-way of 2014, and assess how my predictions have fared so far. Read more...

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Tips and Tricks to Manage Your Social Media Campaigns Like a Pro... by Melanie Haselmayr

While designated positions such as "Community Manager" or "Social Media Coordinator" do exist and have become important roles in many companies, it can sometimes seem like all of today's professionals are expected to be social media experts, able to make over management of a company's social media profile at any time if needed.

For those in need of some light in the darkness, I've created a short introduction to using social media. Consider this your very own social media crash course if you wish. By the time you finish, you will understand the important basics of how to analyze, contribute to, and manage social media! Read more...

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 How Google+ Can Help Boost Your Business and Increase Sales, by Mark Ceriminaro

Some business owners and marketers assume that because they have an active presence on other social networks they don't need one on Google+. That thinking is wrong. Google+ has upwards of 343 million active users-more active users than on Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Tumblr. And while Facebook still boasts the highest number of users, people are tuning more and more to Google+ to connect with friends and businesses. To find out how a strong Google+ strategy can help your business, read on.

 So what social media trends do you see dominating the rest of 2014? Is what you're doing with Google+ working?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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