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Thursday, September 11, 2014

How to Promote Products With Social Media: 4 Examples

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 Good Morning Welcome to Social Media by Nicky. Thursday September 11, 2014. Well, I had a good night sleep, and I'm excited about my day. I hope you had great night and looking forward to your day. I am mom of 2 boys 19 & 13. About 2 years ago after working in Corporate America for a number of years I decided to bring together the three areas that I am most passionate about and I established my home-based business, NCB Enterprise.

Today's topic: How to Promote Products With Social Media: 4 Examples.

Author is Gary Victory and he is a business analyst at Elite Group Marketing, a thriving agency based in London. He provides meticulous online marketing solutions to a range of private, public & multinational companies. That's talent.

He asked an interesting question: Do you promote your products online? Are you looking for ways to use social media to increase your sales?  My opinion is that every business owner should be looking for ways to promote online. I am a Social Media Manager and I provide online marketing assistance to businesses trying to generate new customers from online sources.

Examples of well-known and start up companies are mixing social media and e-commerce to garner more sales. In his article he will address how they're doing it, but how you can do it too.

Combine Social Media and E-Commerce

Companies have tried to mesh social media and e-commerce before, most notably in 2012 when everyone from Gap to GameStop to JC Penney ended up shuttering their social media stores. Audiences weren't ready to buy Facebook or other platforms.

Pioneering companies are bringing social e-commerce back by integrating sites like Instagram with websites that look similar to the social site users are familiar with ( e.g., Pinterest). Blurring the lines among social media, websites and e-commerce means those important marketing methods are no longer stand-alone components. Instead, they're one large, fully branded push to increase sales.

#1 Link Product Photos With Product Pages

Nordstrom's Instagram fans (all 530,000 of them) are looking for a quick fix of the latest trends and products. When fans find a product they can't live without, it's not uncommon for them to leave a comment asking how and where to buy it.

While Nordstrom continues to respond to those comments on Instagram, they're stating to send people to their new Pinterest-esque site that pulls in their Instagram Product photos and links them directly to product pages. Nordstrom created the site with Like2Buy (by Curalate) to partner e-commerce with their significant Instagram engagement. The result is an easier way for fans to buy the products they love right then and there.

How You Can Do it Too

If you're ready to invest, you can try out Like2Buy yourself or look at Olapic. Olapic lets you publish user-generated photos within your site in various ways. However, both options are expensive. If you're looking for a more reasonably priced option, you can start by creating your own Pinterest-themed website for your e-commerce merchandise. There are plenty of templates available and Pinterest user Robin Good has handpicked a few of the best for WordPress.

#2 Create a Familiar Space

Whether you're working with your website or your social media profiles, as a marketer your question is always going to be "how can we make money here?"

For example, Pinterest is a popular site for sure. The site makes it easy to find new ideas and organize your own. Its feed is filled with attractive pictures and the site is easy to use. In short, people love it. But you may not be making money there.

Social commerce site Wanelo is addressing that problem. They've created a social shopping site that resembles a well-designed window display." In other words, it provides the familiar feel of Pinterest. Similar to Pinterest, Wanelo visitors can find items they love, tag them and categorize them into neat little collections. When users browse and eventually buy from a store, that store in turn sends a portion of each sale back to Wanelo.

How You Can Do it Too

There are plenty of photography collage-style themes out there that let you create individual galleries. You can them to mix and match various products to create a whole set and link to your e-commerce shop. The popular Sentinell theme allows for the same type of gallery function, but also holds YouTube and Vimeo clips if you'd like to incorporate video.

#3 Use Customers' Feedback

Like the Wanelos and Polyvores out there, Fancy lets users find, collect and buy items from various companies. To set itself apart, it also offers a monthly box subscription (Fancy Boxes) that delivers gourmet food. So where does the social element come in? Fancy's 2 million+ members help curate (via voting) the foods that show up in each month's box.Continue reading...

So, what did you like about what you just read? Looking forward to your insights and comments.

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