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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

How to Get Twitter Followers for Free-7 Juicy Tips

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Welcome to Social Media by Nicky! I'm Nicky and I am a mom of 2 boys 19 & 13. About 2 years ago after working in Corporate America for a number of years I decided to bring together the three areas that I am most passionate about and established my home-based business, NCB Enterprise. It's Tuesday morning at my computer listening to Steve Harvey Morning Show. I listen to him every morning, while I bang out another interesting article that I found online. My blog is simply on Social Media, and I promote (OPC) "other people content". Today's topic is:

How to Get Twitter Followers for Free-7 Juicy Tips!

Author: Ian Cleary is the Founder of RazorSocial and is super passionate about helping people leverage tools and technology to improve effectiveness of your social media presence.

He asked 2 questions. 1. Are you struggling to grow your follower count on Twitter? Do you want to know how to get more followers?  If your answer is Yes to both questions, please continue reading.

He started by saying that,  Getting more Twitter followers is actually very easy because a lot of people will automatically follow you back when you follow them. If you know who those people are, there are potentially millions of people you can connect with.

However, you don't want just any Twitter followers, you want relevant ones who will help you grow your business.

So, here are 7 tips and tools on how to get Twitter followers for free.

1. Follow people who share your blog content

If someone finds some content you've written and shares it out on Twitter, they are a prime candidate for being a new Twitter follower.

So, when you release a new blog post and people start sharing later on in the day, check who has shared it and follow them. As they have read your content that day and thought it was good enough to share, the likelihood of them following you back is high.

So, how do you know who has shared your content?

There are various ways to keep track of this. I normally set up a monitoring tool such as Brand24 and configure it back mentions of the blog post on Twitter.

For example, I recently created a blog post, called, 'How to get your blog post shared 1,000 times'. For keyword monitoring, I entered 'shared 1,000 times' as people may not use all the words of a blog post. I then ran a filter based on Twitter only, and followed the people who found it interesting enough to share.

An alternative way to go to search, and search for these keywords directly on Twitter.

2. Tweet using relevant hashtags

A lot of the hashtags that people use are a complete waste of time. However, at times it's very useful to include relevant hashtags in your tweets and this can lead to more followers.

For example, if you attend a conference there is generally a hashtag for the event. If you share useful information regularly during the conference, you will get more followers from other people who are attending.

Even if you don't attend the conference, you could track the hashtag at home and start having conversations with relevant people at the conference. This is another way of growing your following.

3. Join in on Tweetchats

Tweetchats are Twitter conversations on a particular topic at a specific time/date. For example, Blogchat is a Twitter chat on Sunday evenings, anyone can join in and meet a lot of people interested in blogging.

Tweetchats are a fantastic way of building followers because, when you engage with other like minded people during the conversation, a lot of them will want to stay in contact with you  so will follow you.

During the Twitter chat, make sure you ask questions, respond to people, and share your thoughts on the conversation. The more active you are, the better.

A good tool for engaging with tweet chats is! Twitterchats can be fast and furious, so provides some functionality to help you manage them, e.g. pausing the Twitter stream when you want to catch up. Continue reading...

So, what did you like about what you just read? Looking forward to your insights and comments.

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