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Sunday, September 14, 2014

53+ Free Images Sources For Your Blog & Social Media Posts

Sunday September 14, 2014. Welcome to Social Media by Nicky! I hope you had a wonderful Sunday with your family. Unfortunately my son Steven got up with a soar throat and fever. Yeah! I am a mom of two son's 19 & 13 and they are still my babies. I worked in Corporate America for a very long time and about 2 years ago I decided to bring together three things that I am passionate about and one of them is Social Media.  Learn more... 

Today's Topic: 53+ Free Image Sources for Your Blog & Social Media Posts!

Author: Courtney Seiter. She heads up content marketing at Buffer, pet every dog she sees and collects vintage coats.

Courtney stated that there's one question she gets asked quite often: Where can you find free, good quality images that are cleared to use for your blog posts or social media content? For information about What is Creative Commons? What is public domain? Click here!

Searchable Photo Databases.

If you want a photo or image on a specific topic, you'll want a site that's searchable. Here a few to check.

1. Dreamstime

Dreamstime offers a free section that's searchable and frequently updated. It requires you to create a (free) account.

2. Free Digital Photos

 Free Digital Photos houses a wealth of free images-categorized and searchable-for business, personal or educational use. They're smaller sized, and larger versions are available for purchase. Using the free images often requires a credit to the photographer.

3. Free Images

Free Images is a large gallery of more than 350,000 stock photos, searchable and categorized. Downloading a photo does require a longer-than-most signup process but the bigger selection might be worth it.

4. Free Range Stock

Free Range Stock offers access to free high-quality, high-resolution stock photos. A (free) registration is required.

5. Free Photos Bank

Free Photos Bank has a nice collection of free photos available for download without login. They're extensively categorized with a few different ways to search, too.

6. ImageFree

ImageFree's registered users can download both free and paid images to use in corporate and personal projects. The free selection seems fairly limited though.

7. IM Free

IM Free offers a curated collection of free resources, all for commercial use. Search for a keyword or browse through the stylishly crafted categories.

8. Morguefile

Morgufile contains photographs freely contributed by many artists to be used in creative projects by visitors to the site. A short registration is required, and Morguefile asks that users credit the photographer when possible.

9. Pixabay

Pixabay offers copyright-free, cost-free images published under Creative Commons. You can copy, modify, distribute and use the images, even for commercial purpose. No registration is required.

10. Public Domain Pictures

Public Domain Pictures is a repository for a wide variety of free public domain images uploaded by amateur photographers. A brief signup is required. Continue reading...

What did you like about what you just read? Would you be trying any of these websites? Looking forward to your comments.

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