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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

25 Ways to Sleep Better Tonight

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Good Morning! Welcome to Social Media by Nicky. Wednesday September 17, 2014. I got a late start this morning, I needed more sleep, I really did even my kids, friends and family complain. This is a country that do not sleep. By the way I mentioned that my son had a job interview yesterday, well I am happy to say that he got the job, no more mama can I have? Yes, I am a proud mama of two boys 19 & 13. I love being a mother. Okay, today's topic, I found this great article on this very topic, how to get better sleep tonight. Here a few tips:

25 Ways to Sleep Better Tonight!

Author: Marnie Soman. She suggested that these small tweaks can help you fall asleep faster and slumber soundly. Here's 13 ways I found interesting:

1. Pump it up

Regular exercise-bicycling, walking at a moderate pace, swimming laps - for 30 to 40 minutes, four times a week, improve sleep quality. You can break it up into two 20-minute sessions if that fits better into your life. But don't schedule it in the evening, while exercise helps regulate your sleep/wake cycle, the stimulation that comes from a workout in the three hours before bedtime may cancel the benefit.

 My opinion: I love walking on evenings, this helps me relax and sleep better, so you may have to do what's best for you.

2. Combine carbs and proteins

Carbohydrates help your brain use tryptophan, an amino acid that causes sleepiness. And proteins help your body build tryptophan. Get the duo in a light bedtime snack of peanut butter on toast or low-fat cheese and crackers. (meaning: tryptophan; an amino acid that is a constituent of most proteins. It is an essential nutrient in the diet of vertebrates) Did you get that, me either!

My opinion: Talk to your doctor for a good nutritionist.

3. Choose cherry

The fruit is rich in melatonin, which helps the body regulate its sleep/wake cycle. When study participants drank eight ounces of a tart cherry-juice beverage twice a day for two weeks, they reported significant improvements in insomnia. Find the juice at Whole Foods Market and natural foods stores.

4. Try tai chi

This meditative martial art helps you sleep more deeply and for longer, studies have shown.

5. Be consistent

Try to turn in and wake up at the same time every day. But don't worry if you occasionally miss your bedtime during the week-new research shows you can use weekend sleep-ins to help restore your body.

6. Chill out

A cool bedroom lowers your core body temperature, which initiates sleepiness. Ideal thermostat setting. It varies from person to person, but try 65 degrees to start and then adjust, if necessary.

7. Log off to nod off

Computer and video games players who spend more than seven (7) hours a week on games sleep less and are generally more tired, researchers from the University of Arkansas have found.

8. Stress soother

Frazzled people sleep less and have worse sleep quality, and compromised slumber contributes to stress. A research-proven way to relax: a warm bath before bed. Not only does it soak help you forget the day's troubles, but raising your skin temperature may enable you to fall asleep faster and the shift you into deeper sleep.

9. Check your meds

Common drugs, including beta blockers, steroids and opioid pain pills, can interfere with sleep either by keeping you awake, or by contributing to sleep apnea. Some supplements can cause sleep loss, too-ginseng, for example, is a stimulant.

10. Sprinkle some lavender

In numerous experiments subjects have reported sounder sleep when exposed to the scent. Sprinkle a few drops of essential oil on a cloth and slip under your pillow, use a diffuser, or iron pillowcases with lavender-scented water.

11. More important than thread count

Choose sheets by their finish. If you like your bed to be crisp and cool, go with percale. Satin and flannel are better for those who prefer a softer, cozier feel. For long-lasting linens, look for Egyptian cotton.

12. Turn light off-and away

Switch off the TV and computer, and face your alarm clock away from you. You'll banish the glow and also those late-night inner monologues.

13. Snooze sideways

Snoring, besides disturbing your partner, can wake you up. To stop the roar, get off your back. Airways are most blocked in this position, you can snore more.  For more tips continue reading...

So, what did you like about what you just read? I love #10 Sprinkle some lavender, that is my favorite scent, and I use it all the time, with candles, oils, sprays, soaps. Hmmm Heaven! Looking forward to your insights and comments.

Have a Wonderful Day,
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