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Friday, August 29, 2014

How To Make Sure Busy People Read Your Email

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How to Make Sure Busy People Read Your Email... 
Author: Alicia Prince is Writer, Filmmaker and Artist

Email has long since become the preferred type of communication in offices. Email allows for convenience, simplicity and a record of conversations for clarity. However, an email is much easier to ignore, or forget about, than in-person communication. To ensure the busy people in your life read your email, keep your message simple and direct. Ultimately, the key is making sure others read your email is respecting your reader's time, and constructing a clear message.

Subject Line

To make sure busy people read your email, the most crucial step is an functional subject line. Keep your subject line direct, yet descriptive. A generalized subject line makes your email easy to miss. Make your subject line specific to the type of attachment or conversation you are discussing. This way, not only will the receiver know exactly why they need to read your email, your email will also be easier to search later on. For example, try "Time Sensitive Third Quarter Forms, " as to opposed to general terms, like "Documents".
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