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Sunday, August 31, 2014

How to Create Social Media Images for Fans Devour!

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Welcome to Social Media by Nicky. I am mom of 2 boys, 19 & 13. After working for a number of years in the corporate world, I decided to bring together the three areas that I am most passionate about and established my home-based business, NCB Enterprise, to read more about my services please click on the About Me link above.

How to Create Social Media Images that Fans DEVOUR!

Author: Donna Mortiz is a social media strategist & visual marketing specialist based in Queensland Australia. She's passionate about word-of-mouth marketing & content strategy & loves visual social media.

Donna said that, The stats are in & they're crazy, cray-cray!

News feeds are moving so fast & the noise is so loud on social media that many people feel like they're on the fast train to Overwhelm Town.

Millions of visuals are shard everyday. You may have heard the numbers:

  • 350 million images are shared daily on Facebook-blitzed recently by 400 million daily on Snapchat
  • Pinterest is the 2nd largest driver of traffic (via images) to websites-2nd only to Facebook
  • Instagram has 200 million active monthly users (with probably a million or 2 added while I write this)
  • YouTube views have reached 6 billion per month.
Yes, I did intend to write "B" for 6 billion-and there are only 7 billion people in the world.

How do you keep up? How can you possibly stand out among all the noise?

The answer lies in snacks. Not popcorn, chocolate, or Scooby kind. Visual snacks!

I'm talking about snackable social media images!

Snackable visual content cuts through the noise to catch attention, drive engagement & traffic.

How? By providing people with small, easily digestible images that convey information visually.
Snackable visual content lets us recognize stuff we love quickly, process it, make a decision about it & share it with our friends...without taking time, effort or thought. 

Not unlike snacking. Continue reading....

Looking forward to your insights and comments below.

Social Media by Nicky

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