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Thursday, August 21, 2014

6 Keys for Online Business Success

Easy Webinars for doing Live, Video, Webshows Summits and more!

Keeping it simple and straightforward, today I'm going to look at six tips that can help your business succeed online.

These are not rocket science tips, but essentially a 'back to basic' approach. I find too often that businesses get overwhelmed by the speed of change and the sheer volume of possibilities of what they could do online. Instead of jumping to the next new shiny tool, service, or gadget that launches, businesses can be better served by making sure their core is solid. These six tips address that core.

1. You need a Mobile Friendly Website in this day,

Your website traffic can be 25%-65% mobile users.  Even if it is only 25% you want to give those users a good experience. Mobile matters today. Smartphone use simply continues to grow and expand. It's time to make this a priority or visitors will never come back to your site.   To read more...

How to Set Up Twitter Cards and Why You Should Do So...

Whether you have set up Twitter Cards or not, you have likely seen them in action on your Twitter feed. They take a plain, text-only tweet and expand it into something that stands apart from other tweets, capturing interest and increasing click-through rates. Twitter Cards allow you to attach rich media to your tweets, so that if you-or someone else-links to a page on your site, a 'card' or extra block of text, images or videos are added to the tweet.
If you see a tweet that says 'View summary' below it, you know there's an attached Twitter Card. For instance, take a look at the following tweet. Continue reading...

Is it Time to Forget Free Social Media Marketing?

Is the social media free lunch over?
When I join Facebook and Twitter in 2008 the key attraction was that you could gain attention and market on social media for free. There was little social media advertising available and it was usually not easy task and not self service.

Brands started building tribes, followers and likes. Brands focused on growing likes on Facebook. This allowed them to reach their customers for free without paying for a TV campaign, newspaper ad or radio advertising. The other attractive aspect of social media was that it also had global reach. Never before had there been a way to reach global audience for free. It was unprecedented. Continue reading...

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